3 Strategies For A Safe Workplace

When you need for your office to be as safe as it can be, start out with some strategies that will keep your workplace thriving. There are numerous hazards that people come across regularly in the workplace, which is why you should take it upon yourself to mitigate these hazards to the best of your ability. Doing so will prevent lawsuits, employee injury, and damage to your property. Follow these steps below to make sure that you make your work site as safe as possible. Read More 

Outsource Resource: How To Make Sure Your Outsourced Human Resources Hires The Right People

If you are a small business owner, your time is likely more precious than many large company CEOs. Since you will have fewer employees to delegate any of your own tasks to, you will be spending a lot of time doing your own high-value work. As such, it can be a better monetary deal for you to outsource some of your human resource items. One of the tasks that you can have your outsourced human resource personnel perform is looking for new employees. Read More 

Compensation Strategies and Consultants

One of the most important documents an organization can create to empower and engage employees is a compensation strategy. A successful compensation strategy will help maximize employee output, increase their job satisfaction, and reduce turnover, all while keeping compensation costs within reasonable levels; as Rachel Ohliger writes, "High turnover, skill gaps and slow time-to-fill a vacancy, when frequently associated with a particular role, could all indicate the same issue: compensation." Read More 

Favoritism In Customer Service: Why And How It Must Be Avoided

Businesses need to treat their customers fairly and equally, or they run the risk of alienating potential customers. Customer service training from companies like Service Scouts can help eliminate these types of behaviors from employees and avoid creating a difficult and unfair workplace for everyone. Showing Preferential Treatment Alienates Customers Employees in a business often see the same customers repeatedly and show these customers preferential treatment over others. While this will undoubtedly please the customers receiving the treatment, it will alienate the rest of the clientele. Read More