Tips For Creating A Building That Provides Fire Protection

When you are in charge of coming up with a design for your new building, you will want to create something that is not just ideal for your business needs, but that will provide your guests, customers, clients, and employees with the most amount of protection from a fire - should one ever break out within the building. To help ensure that you are creating the safest space possible, you will want to take a few moments to review the following points.

Select The Best Smoke Control Design

With the help of a quality smoke control design, anyone that is in your building in the event of a fire will have a better chance at making their way to the nearest exit because they will not become overwhelmed and disabled by the thick smoke. There are two main designs that are used and the one that will work the best for you will be determined by the shape of your building. For example, a dome shaped building may do better with an atrium smoke control design. Using this design, an exhaust system is put in place and it will pull the smoke away from the floors and push it against the ceiling or roof of the building.

Then there is the pressurization smoke control system which focuses on clearing the air for stairways and elevator shafts. It is important to remember that during a fire, you are to refrain from using an elevator because you can never be sure if or when it will malfunction and stop working. Also, emergency crews may need access to it to do their job. The stairway is the best exit route because the pressurization system will keep it clear enough so you can exit the building without trouble because of excessive smoke.

Have All Alarms And Emergency Lights Hardwired

You will want to make sure that there are plenty of smoke and fire alarms, lights, and emergency sirens that will go off in the event of a fire. Mobile or battery operated ones are not ideal because the batteries can become depleted and you might not remember to replace them before it is too late. Therefore, only use alarms and emergency lights that are hardwired into your electrical system.

With those points in mind, you should have a much easier time creating a building that will keep everyone in it as safe from fire as possible.